Yankee Candle Scent of the Year 2021

Yankee Candle, the leader in home fragrance, announces the highly anticipated, third annual Scent of the Year, Discovery.

I have long been a fan of Yankee Candle, dating back to my teenage years when it was the go to present to buy as a birthday gift for a friend and I could literally spend hours in our local card shop smelling the vast array of fragrances available before finally deciding on something incredibly sweet with a name like ‘Pink Sands’ or ‘Rainbow Cookie’! Fast forward a few years (or 25) and Yankee Candle now means Christmas to me and a favourite part of getting ready for the festive season is lighting my large cinnamon stick jar candle whilst we hang baubles on the tree and fight over tangled fairy lights – both happy memories brought about by the scent of a candle.

Yankee Candle Scent of the Year - Discovery
Yankee Candle Scent of the Year – Discovery

I was recently invited to attend the Yankee Candle Scent of The Year 2021 European virtual launch event hosted by the incredibly talented and knowledgeable, Jennifer Genson, who is the Fragrance Development Lead for Yankee Candle. From the comfort of my living room Jennifer guided me through the history of the Scent of the Year, the inspiration behind this year’s scent, Discovery, and how the scent of a candle can not only just evoke past memories like the ones I have described above but create new memories or even aspirations for future adventures.

Scent of the Year began back in 2019, so is still a relatively new concept, but one that offers candle lovers something fresh, new, and on-trend to look forward to each year. Previous SOTY fragrances have included “One Together” in 2019 which was inspired by individuality, whilst staying connected to and embracing the world around us and featured notes of mandarin, nectarine and sandalwood where as 2020’s SOTY “Awaken” was about being present and embracing simplicity, and contained sheer peony, clary sage and white amber.

Yankee Candle Scent of the Year Discovery in a Morrocan-inspired jar

So, what is behind the 2021 Scent of the Year, Discovery? We can all admit that 2020 and so far 2021 are not exactly what we would have hoped for or expected and we have all been forced to spend a lot more time at home, meaning our living environment and what we introduce into our surroundings in the way of furniture, décor and even home fragrance, have become more important than ever.

Anna Whitton, VP of Marketing for Yankee Candle has said “Working closely with fragrance and trend experts Yankee Candle found that people around the globe are craving travel and exploration now more than ever before. Knowing that travel may still be out of reach for many this year, the 2021 Scent of the Year, Discovery, was designed to help people fulfil the universal desire to discover new cultures, make new memories, and embrace new connections from the comforts of their own home”

Discovery has been designed to bring together a beautiful blend of fragrances that transport people to new cultures, whether it be through food, fashion, or décor, but what does this actually smell like?

Red Ginger provides the top note and adds freshness, zest and is both recognisably comforting yet bold at the same time. I absolutely love anything with ginger in and although not overpowering it is the first thing you can detect when smelling the candle straight out of the jar.

The heart of the scent is made up of a medley of tropical fruits from around the world and includes,

Starfruit Found in some of the warmest climates around the globe, starfruit is like a sweet, tropical dream. From the depths of the Caribbean islands this sweet fruit is the heart and body of Discovery.

Mango exudes a refreshingly sweet aroma and provides a juicy, rich blend of sweet and fruity notes.

Passion Fruit is a sweet tropical fruit from the berry family and gives Discovery hints of tart and sweet, which strikes a perfect balance between floral and fruity. It’s intensity doesn’t overwhelm but rather fits right in with its other fruity counterparts.

Finally, holding all this together at the base of the fragrance is the beautifully warm and sweet Vanilla Spice which is equally comforting and uplifting bringing serenity to the scent and ultimately into our homes.

Discovery makes its debut in the Yankee Candles signature large candle jar and is wrapped in a bold, Moroccan- inspired design which creates an enchanting luminary effect when lit. I’ll admit it would not have been the first candle I picked off the shelf as I tend to sway towards more spicy, earthy scents, but the fruity accents of red ginger and vanilla are not overpowering and come together to form a perfectly balanced scent that can be enjoyed by everybody.

During the virtual launch event Jennifer Genson was asked to sum up Discovery in 3 words to which she replied, transportive, juicy and uplifting – I tried, and failed, to think of something equally inspiring and at the end of the day who am I to disagree with the Fragrance Development Lead for one of the biggest candle companies in the world?!

The 2021 Scent of the Year, Discovery, will be widely available for purchase on International Fragrance Day, March 21st, at Yankeecandle.co.uk and on selected retailer sites with a RRP of £26.99.

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